Example: Marker Collection


The Aeris API provides several data-sets which are associated with lat/lon coordinates (e.g. earthquake, fire, lightning, and storm reports). In order to render this data points on a map, you can use a PointDataMarkers. A PointDataMarkers creates markers for every model in a data collection, and renders the model on the map.

PointDataMarkers are bound to data collections, so whenever a data collection is updated, the markers on the map will be re-rendered accordingly. This example shows how setting filters on a data collection will render filtered point data on the map. Select one or more storm type filters to test out the filtering functionality. Or, click on a marker to see how data can be rendered from a PointDataMarker.

See the StormReport endpoint documentation for a list of available filters.

Having trouble?
Make sure you've created a apikeys.js file, with a valid Aeris client_id and client_secret.